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One of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner is losing her home to foreclosure. There are many things that could have led you to the current position you are in. You may have made a bad decision at some point or things that you did not have control over (death, divorce etc.) took place in your life. As the reality that you are going to lose your home, a house that you have worked for all your life dawns, you are obviously desperate and you are wondering what you could do to stop foreclosure on its tracks.

Fortunately, we are here to help if you are currently in this situation. Unlike realtor and attorneys, we stop your foreclosure and buy your house fast even if you have little or no equity. We will have our attorneys make your bank stop your foreclosure, help you get out of this desperate situation through a short sale that will help you save your credit.

Why You Should Work With Us

At, we work closely with foreclosure attorneys and real estate agents who know all it takes to stop your foreclosure and get you cash for your house. Unlike traditional realtors or attorneys, we will even use our own funds to help you bring your mortgage payments up to date and pay the fees that have been accumulating over time.

The bank doesn’t really want your house; they just want to recover as much money from your loan as they can! That is why most lenders are willing to negotiate an agreement that may allow you to keep your house and forgive your late payments as long as you commit to continue making payments. Our distressed real estate experts will talk to your bank to stop your foreclosure and buy you the time you need to sell the house if you can’t continue to make monthly payments. Our foreclosure experts will convince your bank to grant you a forbearance agreement, a short sale or loan modification, saving you (and your credit) from foreclosure!

Talk to us as soon as possible if you need foreclosure help in South Florida. We will be able to help you no matter the stage of foreclosure you are in. Don’t wait any longer to give as a call. The sooner you call us, the more money we can recover for you. We can stop foreclosure on all types of property, be it a mansion, an apartment or a small house. The location of the property and its price don’t matter either.

What If My House Has Negative Equity?

You can still sell your house despite having a negative equity. We have helped people with negative equity stop foreclose in the past. There are programs available for people who were misled into borrowing too much and are now facing foreclosure. Even if you owe your bank more money than the value of your house, we can still help. Negative equity should not stop you from talking to us. Remember, the more you wait, the more complicated the situation becomes. We are the only ones who understand what you are going through and we can help you get out of it.

Do you want the bank to take away your house and leave you with nothing? If not, what are you waiting for? We have stopped many foreclosures before. Contact us by calling us or filling out the form below.

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