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Having a fire damage your home is often a traumatic and stress inducing event in a person’s life. Dealing with Insurance claims after the fire, property replacement, making your family comfortable during the entire ordeal, it’s a lot but we can help. We help people with people choose to fire damage properties in Florida and all over the country every day.

What are my options after the house fire?

After your house has been damaged by the fire the next steps can vary greatly. It all depends on the extent of the damage the fire caused and the amount of damaged created after by the fire & rescue putting out the fire. Many times the damage from the smoke and the fire fighters are far greater than the actual fire damaged parts of the house. You will need someone who knows how to navigate the long process of assessing the damage and figuring out the easiest way to get what you need from the insurance company and the contractors to put your family’s home back together.

The Easy Way to Move on:

We have a lot of experience in dealing with families and individuals in a fire damaged home and know the it can be a very sensitive time and we never want to cross the line of comfort for our clients, so we will never pressure you to sell, however we would like to highlight some scenarios of why countless clients have chosen to sell their homes to us.

Time Solution:

The amount of time it can take to have your house completely restored after a fire can be months if not longer. It involves getting several insurance inspections, filing claims, hiring contractors and inspectors after. During the months it takes to make your home safe for your family it can be stressful. Selling your house immediately can quickly settle you & your family instead of waiting months for a restoration after the fire.

Safety and Health Considerations:

The smoke from a fire in your home can be highly toxic for you and your family and pets. The smoke creates residue on surfaces even in areas of the home far away from the fire and can linger there for months or longer if not properly cleaned by a licensed professional. This can put you and your family at serious health risks. Fires can also create unsafe structures even in areas not directly burned. The high temperatures can weaken floor supports and other structures in your house making it unsafe in the longterm.

Emotional Trauma

Often times it is difficult emotionally to stay in the house where personal property was lost that may have had sentimental value or perhaps where injuries occurred. Selling your house as-is can eleviate and avoid these issues completely by removing yourself and family from the place where the trauma occurred.

Insurance Settlement

Some of our clients have chosen to simply take their insurance settlements and use some or all of it to pay for things other than fixing the house damaged by fire. For example some have medical bills, student loan or credit card debt that need to be paid off. Some of our clients are able to use the insurance settlement checks to buy another house and payoff debt at the same time by using a portion of the check as a downpayment on a new home with a new loan. With a house fire you get compensated for the contents of the house, construction costs, cleanup costs & inconvenience compensation as well, it can add up quickly!

Get Past the Fire and Move on Now!

  • First contact your Insurance agent immediately after the fire! Your insurance agent can advise you of the most important steps to take in the hours and days after the fire.
  • If windows or doors are missing secure them with wood and put up temporary barrier around your home to prevent further damage from vandalism
  • Do not turn on utilities like water/electric/gas unless the fire inspector says it is safe!
  • Find temporary housing whether you stay with friends or family or find an apartment complex that offers special rates for those displaced by disasters.
  • Contact us by text or phone at 561-404-4388, or use the contact form below and we will call you ASAP! We will send a professional home inspector to assess the structural damage to your home and you can get an immediate cash quote what we will pay for you house AS-IS without it needing to be fixed! We can even help you navigate the insurance claims and more!

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