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Fast Closings

Fast house closing for cash

We can close in a matter of a few days to a few months. You choose the closing date.

Sold As-Is

Sold As is condition

No matter the condition of the property we will buy it unconditionally "as is".

Zero Fees

No commisions

There are never any realtor commissions or closing costs, we pay all closing fees!

Fair Offers

Fair cash offer for your home

We will give you a fair all cash offer so that everyone gets what they need from the sale.

Remote Closings

Close on house from anywhere

We can close from any state or country, no need to be in the same city as the house you are selling.

We've helped thousands of property owners with many different & unique situations

  • Job Transfers: If you need to sell your house fast because of a new job opportunity or a company closing, we can help!
  • Divorce: A quick sale is ideal for couples facing divorce, but not all houses sell quickly, we have the solution for you.
  • Death in family: Sell the house fast before it ends up in probate where you could have to pay maintenance for months or years!
  • Asset liquidation: There are 1000's of reasons why you might need to raise fast cash with as little hassle as possible.
  • Inheriting a House: Many people inherit houses and don't have the time or money to deal with it themselves.
  • Costly Repairs: A house can sometimes fall in disrepair & fixing problems can be overwhelming, sell to us As-Is!
  • Mortgage Problems: Perhaps you missed some payments or have unfavorable payment terms, we can solve your problems!
  • Tax problems: Sometimes paying the property taxes can be too much, we can buy as is including any back taxes that are due.
  • Retirement & Downsizing: Is it time to sell your house and move to something smaller? We can buy your house fast with no hassles!
  • Rental Problems: Rental house maintenance, vacant rental or unruly or hostile tenants, we make rental problems disappear fast!
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Thinking of selling your house? Let us Help you! We buy any house in any condition on any timeline!

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Customer Testimonial 2

I got a new job offer but it was in another city, I had to move in less than 30 days to take the job. bought my property and closed in 14 days. Very professional and courteous people!

Janel N. // Lake Worth FL
Customer Testimonial 3

I sent Cash Estimate my information and they closed on my house a few days later, paid all the closing costs, and made all the arrangements for evicting the tenants I didn't want to deal with. Thank you!

Jacob S. N. // Boca Raton FL
Customer Testimonial 4

Our father passed away and we needed to sell his house fast before taxes & other bills on it were due, and we needed cash fast to pay for other family needs at this time. They saved us!

Kerry Anne p. // Boynton Beach FL

It is so simple to get a fast close cash offer on your home, just fill in the form and we will give you an offer fast!

  • Any size house!
  • Any physical condition!
  • Any house location!
  • Any tenant situation!
  • Any legal situation!
  • Any mortgage situation!
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Fast close Easy sell

My house was pretty beat up as I haven't had the time or energy to deal with contractors. Real estate agents wanted me to fix a dozen things before listing, so I called CashEstimate & they bought it on the spot with no repairs!

Frank P. // Lake Worth FL

I filled out the form on CashEstimate and they signed a contract to buy my house 6 hours later. We closed in 3 weeks so I had enough time to pack up and leave, they even paid for my moving expenses. Great company!

Rosa N. // Greenacres FL

We got a letter from the bank they were going to foreclose, when we called the gentleman came over and helped us get out of the foreclosure with zero problems and we got the cash we needed for medical expenses.

Phil L. Jr. // Boynton Beach FL

Quick Home Selling in South Florida

Here at CashEstimate, we’re always going to keep you aware of your potential maximum offers. Not only that, but we buy all the houses we can find! It doesn’t matter the size, condition or location – odds are that we’ll be interested. If you are currently looking to sell your house in a hasty manner, CashEstimate is definitely the place to be.

The best possible way to sell a house fast is through the use of our services. The real estate industry can be a pain to navigate, especially when the time to sell comes around. Property is always going to be a hot commodity, but if you have a new job (or brand new house) waiting for you elsewhere, you could be pondering “how can I sell my home quickly?”.

When you go through the house selling process in a normal sense, it takes a lot of time. There is a lot of hoops to be jumped through, and a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out (and realtors that need to be hired). We can offer you a lump cash sum for your home, which is the perfect solution for anybody interested in trying to sell a home quickly.

Sell fast and profit safely

There is absolutely no pressure! Leave some contact information with us and you’ll be on the route to selling your home in no time. It does not matter, in which part of South Florida you are located – you can count on our home selling assistance in any part of Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County or Broward County.

Selling your home quickly allows you to focus on much more critical matters, as well as just work with some more finances in your life. We promise you that there aren’t going to be any low-ball offers, and the entire process is both secure and discreet. Getting cold hard cash for your home has never been this easy! We offer up things like:

  • Fast Closes - We can close the sale within a few days, if need be. You pick the closing date yourself!
  • Sold As-Is - It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in, as we’ll buy it as-is!
  • No Fees! - We don’t have any hidden fees to hit you with, unlike realtors.
  • 100% Fair Offers - We never low-ball our potential buys, which is why we always make sure our offers are as fair as possible.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, switching jobs or just looking into a house in South Florida that costs way too much to fix up - we can help you. If you want out of a current housing situation, contact us and sell your house fast!